We go fishing in a suitable area with our boats of different sizes from Fethiye and Göcek. In addition, we can go to the coordinates given by you. Our yacht charter service for all types of angling is with you for 12 months.

Throughout the yacht charter, morning soup and tea / coffee service are free.

You can charter a yacht for fishing, individually or as a group. We have boats of different sizes from 6 people to 25 people. We generally serve groups.

Fishing by boat can be done day or night within the time interval you desire. Fishing time is 10 hours day or night.

While going fishing, you can bring your desired food / drink with you and enjoy it with a nice table on our boat. If you wish, you can also get food service for a fee.

All our boats have fish finder, kitchen, barbecue, toilet, swimming ladder.

Matters to be considered while going fishing:

      Dress according to the seasonal conditions.

      Have a raincoat.

·       Do not forget to bring your special needs, especially your medicines.

For all other details about fishing by boat, please contact us.

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