Reasons to Charter in September


Although blue cruise is preferred in spring and summer, conscious seafarers know that the blue cruises are unique in September.


-           Weather Conditions

In September, sweltry temperatures are replaced with the cooler temperatures. In addition, sea is still warm and enjoyable.

-           Peaceful Coves

With the holiday season ended, the population of the coves will be considerably less. That is why blue cruise in September is much calmer and quieter. You can enjoy your holiday in the most peaceful form.

-           Better Prices

In September, the charter prices are much more affordable compared to high season. You can charter boats for almost half the price. If you are planning for a budget-friendly boat charter, September is the right choice for you.

-           Local Festivals

Municipalities and local businesses bid their farewell to the summer with local festivals. During a Blue Cruise in September, you can attend these local activities. By attending these festivals, not only you can have a unique experience but also you can buy organic products and contribute to the local economy.

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