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    Göcek, part of the Fethiye district of Mugla, is one of the most popular destinations for yacht charters thanks to its natural beauties and untouched coves. The holiday season here starts early April and ends in October, however, the post-season months between September and October wrap Gocek in a different atmosphere, making it a magical and almost preferable time to visit.

    Below are some of the popular coves, islands and facilities inside Göcek Bay Area.


    Yassicalar consists of a plethora of islands of various sizes. Thanks to the natural beauty and clear blue sea, these islands are among the most popular stops for private yacht charters. Since there are shallow areas between the islands covered with olive and pine trees, visitors should be careful when sailing around this area.

On one of the islands, there is a mud pool where you can enjoy mud-bath. The islands are convenient for hiking as well. Donot forget your footwear and camera when going on a hike. You will also locals making fresh waffle and Turkish tea on the island with the mud pool.

    The Yassicalar is a stunning meeting point where you should definitely visit.


    Cleopatra Cove, also known as The Sunken Hammam, is a must for blue voyagers. It is a quite popular cove for private yacht charters with its clear sea, unspoiled nature and historical sites.

    The cove is famous for its Cleopatra Bath, rumoured to be built during Cleopatra’s visit here on her way to Rome. It is said that the hot water spring that emerges from the ruins of the bath was the source of Cleopatra’s beauty and that to this day, the water boasts many benefits for many skin conditions. You can snorkel in the cove and observe colourful fish underwater. We recommend you to visit this magnificent cove and witness its natural beauties and archaeological ruins during your sailing holiday in Gocek.


    Göcek Island is the closest island to Gocek Town Center and marinas. With its clean sea and nature, it is an island where the trees touch the sea. On the Island, there is a luxury beach club "Fimi" where you can enjoy the beach, restaurant and special events such as concerts and DJ performances. Please be sure to make your reservation in advance.


This is a truly unique cove. In 1974, Tasyaka Cove was named after the acclaimed Turkish painter and writer Bedri Rahmi Eyüpoğlu, as an appreciation to his artwork on the cove. Bedri Rahmi made a painting on a large rock that looks like a fish, but secretly conceals and portrays 6 different animals.

In addition, ancient Lycian rock tombs are located on top of the hill. You can reach the tombs after a 30-40 minute hike and have a panoramic view of the cove. Please be careful when going on a hike and do not go alone.

Furthermore, there is a small beach hidden among olive trees and 2 nice restaurants on the cove. The restaurants are very busy in the high season so please let us know in case you would like to have dinner in one of the restaurants.

Bedri Rahmi Cove is a very popular stop for yacht charters and guests often spend the night here aboard.



    Tersane Island, the largest island in Gocek, has been home to many civilizations throughout history. It is called Tersane (Shipyard) since it was used as a shipyard during Ottoman Empire. You can visit the historical remains on the island.

    The island hosts palm trees, olive trees and plenty of goats. There is also a marina one the eastern part of the island and its sheltered harbour is particularly suitable for mooring. Tersane Island is a great stop for swimming breaks and overnight stays.


    Boynuzbükü is a wide bay located on the west of Göcek Bay Area. The sea is exceptionally clear thanks to its natural breakwater. There are hiking and walking paths to explore the cove covered with pine and olive trees.

    Also, there is a little marina and a nice restaurant here. 


    Merdivenli cove is another wonderful combination of sea and nature. You can access the village on the hill by using the path from the shoreline. You can get some local products such as olive oil, soap, accessories etc in the this small village. Also you can see many natural caves around the bay.


         Gobun stands out compared to other coves thanks to its unique geography, and its water depth actually resembles that of tropical regions rather than the Mediterrenian sea. This small and narrow cove is accessed through two high hills. Being one of the most sheltered coves of Gocek, neither the wind nor waves can enter the cove. As a result, Gobun Cove is wonderfully tranquil and calm.

The bay is covered with pine trees and you can often come across with century-old olive trees. At the end of the bay, you can see some rock tombs and historical remains. There is also a small marina and a nice restaurant at Gobun.


    Killebuku is a very large cove located between Boynuzbükü and Taşyaka.  It is completely covered with emerald green pine trees, always full of chirping birds and the soft lapping sound of waves. You can also see the ruins of a church and ornamented stones. The wind blows warm and sunset is spectacular. This cove is another perfect spot for yacht holidays.


    Sarsala, one of the most charming and natural coves of Göcek, is located about 15 kilometers from the center of Dalaman. It is the closest cove to Dalaman Airport which is accessible by car. Surrounded by emerald green forests, you can swim alongside the sea turtles and fish and have experiences of a lifetime. Sarsala, suitable for families with its calm, shallow and warm sea, also attracts visitors with its splendid beach and water sports facilities.


    Sıralibük is another popular stopover for holidaymakers and is one of the most beautiful coves of Gocek, where you can watch goats cool off in the shade as you swim where freshwater streams join the sea. Since the beach is pebbly, we advise you not to walk without shoes.


          Zeytin (Olive) Island is located south of Yassıcalar. As you will understand from the island’s name, it is covered with olive trees. This is the only island that has a private owner. There is an olive oil workshop on the island remaining from Ottoman era.


Blue Point Beach is managed by Turkey’s A+ hotels chain D-Resort. It is located at the edge of D-Marin Marina. Guests are offered a different alternative with its pleasant atmosphere, unique menu and white sands from Egypt.


    Adaia, immersed in Göcek's unspoilt nature, is located next to Cleaopatra's (Hammam) Cove. Surrounded by grand oaks and century-old olive trees, you can enjoy a relaxing massage at the beach bungalow, the beautiful sunset, special cocktails and let the music get you in the right mood.

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