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    On the first day, we will be welcoming you to introduce you with your captain and yacht personnel. Boarding is around 15:30 pm. Once you are on board you will be given brief information and settled into your cabins.  After making sure that you are comfortable with your yacht, we will inform you about your “Blue Voyage” by answering all your questions regarding the charter. You can contact us 24/7 during your charter.

    You can have dinner at Bozburun town center or you can spend the night aboard at Adabogazi.


    Bozburun is a small seaside town with own municipality in Marmaris district, in southwestern Turkey. The permanent population is about 2000. It is situated on the coast of the peninsula of the same name(Bozburun Peninsula) which extends in parallel to Datça Peninsula in the south. The town faces across the sea the town of Datça and the Greek island of Symi.

    Although quieter than Marmaris bay's two centers of tourism of international renown (Marmaris and İçmeler), Bozburun is a precious discovery for visitors thanks to its natural beauties and the exceptional flora. 

     It has a small yet lovely harbor is also one of the key stops on the popular nautical tourism route of Blue Cruise. Its pristine sea is surrounded by coves. Bozburun is also well known in the region for its expert construction gulets.



    Day 2: After breakfast, you leave Bozburun and head towards  the famous bay Dirsekbuku where you will have lunch. By the evening youu will heading to Kocabahce for the perfect sunset scenery. Optionally, you can have dinner at Kocabahce Glamping.

(Kocabahce Glamping)

    Day 3: The day starts by heading for the beautiful Bencik Bay. On the way, there is a short visit to Dislice Island where you can swim and discover the cave located in the middle of the island. Afterwards, lunch will be served at Bencik Bay. You can enjoy watersports after lunch. For dinner and spending the night, Emel Sayın Cove is the right place.

(Dislice Island)

    Day 4: After breakfast at Emel Sayın Cove, you head towards Selimiye Port. Selimiye is a small town where you can step on to land and spend sometime. If you prefer to stay aboard; you can skip Selimiye and make your way to Sigliman where you swim in crystal clear water and and have lunch. Dinner and overnight stay will be at Kuzbuku. Optionally; you can have dinner at the nice restaurant in Kuzbuku. 



    Day 5: After breakfast, Sogut Island is the next stop. On the way, Uc Taslar Island and Aquarium Cove are where you will have swimming and relaxing breaks. Dinner is served a aboard. Dont hesitate to sleep un deck under the stars.

(Uc Taslar Island)

(Sogut Island)

    Day 6: Tavsanbuku (Rabbit Cove) is the stop after breakfast. You can enjoy watersports in Tavsanbuku Cove. Overnight stay is at Mercimek Cove.

Tavsanbuku (Rabbit Cove)

Day 7: Comcalik and Adaboğazı are the stops for your last full day aboard.


    Day 8: Bozburun. Your blue cruise ends with unforgettable memories by 10:00 after breakfast. When you are leaving the boat, we will be there for all your needs. If you have an airport transfer, we will make sure you have a smooth ride.