ITINERARY: Fethiye - Oludeniz - Ekincik - Fethiye

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    On the first day, we will be welcoming you to introduce you with your captain and yacht personnel. After making sure that you are comfortable with everything about your yacht, we will inform you about your “Blue Voyage” and answer all your questions regarding the charter. You can contact us 24/7 during your charter.

 Fethiye Harbour

This is an itinerary which covers the most significant places in the South East Aegena. In this route, it is possible to enjoy the sea and nature as well as making long cruises. It is a region with calm sea, soft weather and rich history. 

Fethiye, which was known as Telmessos in the ancient times, was the most important city situated on Lycia's western border with Caria. It is believed that the city's name comes from Apollon's son Telmessos.

The city joined the Ottoman Empire in 1924. The name changed many times over the years and was eventually named Fethiye after Mr Fethi in 1914, one of the first martyrs of the Turkish Air Force, crashed his plane there and died.

In the south part of the town you will see many famous tombs and graves from the Antique Era. One of the most famous stone tombs is the tomb of King Amyntas. The ruins belonging to a theatre, which have been discovered recently during the excavation carried out by the museum, are in the city centre.

Day 1: Fethiye Boarding starts from 15.30 at Fethiye Harbour. While you settle in, dinner will be served on the yacht and overnight will be on board in Fethiye Port or in a closeby cove such as Turunc Pinari.

Turunc Pinari

Day 2: Turunc Pinari - Gemiler Islands: 

On Gemiler Island are the remains of several churches built between the fourth and sixth centuries AD, along with a variety of associated buildings. Archaeologists believe it was the location of the original tomb of Saint Nicholas.

Gemiler (St Nicholas) Island

Modern archaeologists believe that the island may be the location of St. Nicholas' original tomb. The traditional Turkish name for the island is Gemiler Adası, meaning "Island of Boats", which may be a reference to St. Nicholas's role as the patron saint of sailors; the island was also referred to as St. Nicholas Island by seafarers in the medieval period. Archaeologists believe he was interred in the rock-hewn church following his death in 326. His relics remained there until the 650s, when the island was abandoned as it was threatened by an Arab fleet.

Day 3: Ekincik - Dalyan/Kaunos:

One of the ancient cities of South Aegean, Kaunas, covers the ancient Lycian tombs carved into cliffs (YouTube link)

Kaunos was an important sea port, the history of which is supposed to date back to the 10th century BC. Because of the formation of İztuzu Beach and the silting of the former Bay of Dalyan (from approx. 200 BC onwards), Kaunos is now located about 8 km from the coast.

The rock tombs are called Tombs of the Kings. They were carved into the hiil during 4th century BC. You can visit the tombs and explore the ancient city.(Optional land excursion) 

Lycian Tombs of The Kings

Day 4: Aga Limani - Sunken Hammam

Sunken Hammam

Day 5: Bedri Rahmi - Tersane (Shipyard) Island

Tersane Island has been home to many civilizations throughout history. It is called Tersane (Shipyard) since it was used as a shipyard during Ottoman Empire. You can visit the historical remains here.

Tersane (Shipyard Island)

Day 6: Gocek: 

Yassica Islands (Gocek)

Gocek Town

Day 7: Kızıl Ada - Fethiye

Day 8: Fethiye Your blue cruise ends with unforgettable memories by 10:00 after breakfast. When you are leaving the boat, we will be there for all your needs. If you have an airport transfer, we will make sure you have a smooth ride.

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