Housing many beautiful coves and islands, South Aegean Coast is the most popular region for the Blue Cruise. Below is a list of some famous coves.

Adrasan Cove

Adrasan Cove, located in the Kemer district of Antalya, attracts visitors every summer with its remarkable 2 kilometers long beach. You can go hiking in the pine forests or discover underwater beauties by scuba diving. If you wish, you can go shopping in the village of Adrasan and buy organic food products.

Akbük (White) Cove

Located in the Gulf of Gökova, Akbük Cove offers the best underwater world. Often visited by yacht charterers, Akbük Cove provides an authentic environment with its unique nature and ancient ruins. There is also a lake within the cove. We recommend you to visit the lake by hiking.

Gemiler Cove

Covered with olive and pine trees, Gemiler Cove is a popular destination among yacht charter routes. There are facilities on the coast that cater to the needs of visitors. You can also visit the ancient Byzantine church in the cove. If you want to read your book in a quiet place and listen to the sound of the waves, you must add this magnificent cove to your route.

English Harbour

According to the story, during World War I, a British warship, running from German and Russian ships, sought shelter in this cove. After this mysterious event, this area became known as the English Harbour. Famous for its clear turquoise water and nature, English Harbor is a great place to swim.


Kızılkum (Red Sand) Cove

The Kızılkum Cove is placed in Orhaniye Region of Muğla province. Kızılkum Bay is famous for its beach that extends 600 meters into the sea in a sunken position. 2 meters wide, this sunken beach is visited by thousands of people every year. It is almost like a large body of sand suddenly submerged into the sea. The cove fascinates its visitors by its historical significance, natural beauties and the famous legend of Kızılkum. We highly recommend you to add Orhaniye to your route to see Kızılkum Cove and more.


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