Is There A Chef Aboard?

Yes, all yachts in our portfolio have chefs aboard. Crew is responsible for all preparation and service of meals.

How Does The Chef Know Our Likes & Dislikes?

Culinary excellence is often the highlight of any charter and your yacht’s chef will customize it. Prior to your charter we will ask you to complete an information sheet noting your culinary preferences or any special dietary requirements, beverages, newspapers, flowers or other special requests. Details on any medical issues, allergies and special occasions can be noted. We encourage you to divulge as much information as possible to give the crew a detailed understanding before you step on board.

Is There A Tender To Get Off The Boat?

Yes, all yachts have a tender boat. You can step on coves/islands when available.

Pets Allowed?

Due to safety and hygiene concerns, most yachts do not allow pets aboard. However, we can make some exceptions depending on the kind of your pet.  Please advise us in advance!

What Do We Eat/Drink?

We can offer full board menu for 70Euro per person per day excluding drinks 


We form a menu in accordance with you. The chef prepares the shopping list. Then you have 2 options:

A-) We do the shopping and deliver to boat. Service and delivery is free of charge. You pay only for the market bills, credit card or cash. 

B-) You do the shopping and deliver to boat.

We can customize all meals according to your taste and habits Our chefs are capable of preparing almost any meal.

Can I Bring Drinks With Me?

You can bring any food or drink from outside.

What Should I Bring With Me?

We advice you not to forget the following items: at least two swimming suits, sun lotion, sun glasses, walking/trekking shoes, slippers.

Is There A Contract Involved?

Once you have decided you wish to proceed with booking the charter, we will issue you with a private boat charter contract. This is likely one of 2 standard contracts depending on the cruising region. The most common is the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association (MYBA) charter agreement, endorsed by a leading London maritime lawyer. This contract has evolved over the last 20 years and is now regarded as the reliable industry standard. The 2-part American Yacht Charter Association (AYCA) agreement is primarily used in the U.S. and with U.S. flagged vessels, also adopting terms from the MYBA agreement.

What Additional Costs Will I Pay On Top of The Charter Rate?

In standart and luxury charters; fuel, crew, cleaning, bed linen, towels, base port fees, taxes, insurance (third parties) etc are included. In addition, we also provide airport transfers for all weekly charters as included in the price. No surprise charges.

On top of charter fee, you pay for food and beverages (for guests and crew). Optional water sports and land excursions are always extra. 

First embarkment and final disembarkment port fees/taxes are included in the charter rate. Any other additional mooring or port fees/taxes will charged.

While tips are totally up to your gratitude, traditionally tips are calculated as 5-10% of the charter fee.

In high-luxury charters, 30-40% APA is added on top of the charter fee.

  • APA (Advance Provisioning Allowance) is the standard system to pay your expenses on a luxury yacht charter. The APA represents the operating expenses that will incur during charter, including but not limited to: fuel, berthing fees, customs charges and food & beverages.

APA account is kept by the captain and records are open to your view at any time.

Your consultant will advise on all additional charges during the process of selecting your charter yacht.

First embarkment and final disembarkment port fees/taxes are included in the charter rate. Any other additional mooring or port fees/taxes will be charged.

When Do I Transfer Funds?

In most cases, in order to confirm the booking, you will be required to pay (by wire transfer) a deposit of 50% of the total charter fee upon signing the Charter Agreement. The remaining 50% of the charter fee (plus the APA if available) and any applicable taxes, delivery fees and are due to one month before the beginning of your charter. In some cases, remaining balance can be paid in cash at first embarkment.

Security Deposit?

Since all yachts in our portfolio are crewed, no security deposit is needed. However, guests are obligated to compensate any damages caused by the guests.


The yacht remains insured by the yacht owner during your charter. However, we adveise all charterers to consider "Canellation and Curtailment" insurance. You may also consider "Personal Accident" or "Medical Insurance plus Personal Effects" insurance, which is nit included in the charter fee.

Will The Crew Deal With My Personal Laundry?

It is common practice on most yachts for small quantities of personal laundry to be carried out by the yacht’s crew as a service. Please note that these terms also allow the crew to refuse politely to do excessive quantities of laundry on board or to handle particularly delicate items. It may be possible to have certain laundry done ashore professionally if time allows, the cost of which will be deducted from the APA.

Do I Pay A Gratuity?

If your charter has been everything you hoped it would be, you can show your appreciation with a gratuity. However, please note that although crew gratuities are customary, they are left at your sole discretion. As a guideline, we would suggest between 5% and 10% of the charter fee to be split equally between the crew depending on the level of service.

Can I Smoke On Board?

In most cases, smoking is not permitted inside the yacht for safety reasons. Many yachts operate a policy of smoking permitted on deck only, however, please check the policy as each yacht varies in their approach to smoking on board.

Are There Any Shark Attacks In Turkey?

NO, There is no reported case of a shark attack in the entire history of the country. Warm turquoise waters are 100% safe for swimming.

Do You Provide Onboard Concierge Services?

We offer an onboard concierge service. We can reserve tables at the hottest restaurants in town, book tickets to top events or help you with any onshore experience.

Have You Been Onboard The Yachts You Selected For Us?

Your consultant has been on board all yachts they offer. He/she inspects them firsthand in order to be able to give you as much information as possible. Furthermore, our consultants know the captain and the crew personally to ensure the best communication between you and the crew.

How Much Cash Should I Have?

After you do your payment for your charter, you do not need to carry much cash on you. We suggest you have some cash for visiting ancient sites, museums and souvenir shops. Most of the shops and restaurants accept credit cards and foreign currency.

What About Sea-Sickness?

Our guests rarely get seasick. If you are prone to seasickness, although it is not our expertise, we can recommend you to get “Dramamine” from a pharmacy. It relaxes stomach muscles and helps you deal with seasickness. Please consult your doctor before using.

Does The Crew Speak English?

Most of our captains and crew have enough knowledge of English to understand your needs to serve accordingly. You can also contact us 24/7 during your charter for all matters.

This Is My First Time Chartering A Yacht and I Am Not Familiar With The Region. Who will advise me where to visit?

With years of experience and a wealth of local knowledge, we are more than happy to share itinerary suggestions, including our favorite spots for watersports, dining and relaxing on this magical coastline. Let us know what you want to get from your blue cruise, and we will be more than happy to help you.

What Time Do We Embark/Disembark?

It is possible to embark from around 15:00. In case you arrive earlier, it may be possible for you to leave your luggage on the yacht while the preparations are completed.

At the final day of your charter, your expected to disembark at 10:00 latest.

We will be there with you at both embarkation and disembarkation to make sure everything goes smooth.

Can We Cruise Less Than A Week?

We can sometimes offer 3-4 days of charters but only in early or late season. 8, 10 or 14-day cruises are also possible, please contact us about options.

What Type of Electricity Supply Do The Yachts Have?

The electricity on most of the boats run over 12 or 24 Volt. Please consider this if you want to take battery-run or electric shavers, videos etc. And be sure to leave your hair dryer back home, as it is better to dry your hair under the sun.

On most of the traditional yachts and on all luxury boats are generators for 220 V which runs at least 4 hours during the daytime for charging the batteries, refrigerators, deep freezers, and also for air-condition. 

Is It Safe For Children?

Accompanied by adults, children of any age are welcome and will positively thrive in the warm waters of the Turkish Turquoise Coast . Please note that the crew isnot responsible for the security of infants or children. Duties of the crew do not include baby-sitting.

I Cannot Swim. Is It A Problem?

We welcome all passengers, from strong swimmers to non-swimmers. You can choose to skip taking a dip or dive in with one of our life jackets on board.

Can I Request An Itinerary Other Than Listed On Your Webssite?

On our website, we have detailed information and map of the best itineraries available in the Turquoise Coast.

However, if you don't see the itinerary you are looking for on our site, you can request a custom itinerary created just for you.

Can We Change Our Itinerary On The Day We Depart?

Sometimes last-minute itinerary changes can be accomodated, but you must contact your charter consultant to confirm the possibility and pay any price difference.

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