All yachts in our portfolio have chefs included in the crew. The crew is responsible for all the preparation and service of meals.

Prices on our website, exclude food and beverages for guests and crew.

Regarding provisions, we offer luxury full board menu for 70Euro per person per day excluding drinks. OR our guests have 2 options:

We form a menu in accordance with you. Our chef prepares the shopping list. Then;

A-) We do the shopping and deliver to boat. Delivery is free of charge. You pay only for the market bills, credit card or cash.

B-) You do the shopping and deliver to boat.

Daily meal on a boat charter usually consists of breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner. Meal program contains fresh vegetables, chicken, fish and meat. In accordance with Mediterranean tastes, appetizers are generally decorated with olive oil.

We can customize all your meals and provisions taking your taste and habits into consideration. At the end of this page, you can see an example of a weekly menu. 

All boats have enough storage facilities and provisions are kept in refrigerators so that their freshness is maintained.

Please feel free to contact us for any inquiries. Our chefs are capable of preparing almost any meal.





Ham, Sausage or salami

Variety of cheese, olives and jams

Honey, butter, egg

Cornflakes, peanut butter

Apricot, grape, walnut

Tea and coffee

Juice and milk



Vegetable Meals (green beans, pepper, okra, kidney bean, pumpkin)

Chicken or meat

Rice or pasta

Patty Varieties

Yogurt or tzatziki





Afternoon Tea

Cake, biscuits or patty

Tea and coffee




Appetizers, varieties with olive oil

BBQ or baked chicken

Çupra, perch, haddock, toric

Shrimp, calamary, lobster (only served when fish is on the menu)

Meatballs, rib, steak

Rice, pasta

Patty varieties




Turkish Coffee