Ideas below can help you have a yacht holiday at affordable prices.

Earlier the booking, better the prices

As mentioned in our previous articles, Blue Cruise season starts in April. You can make your reservations offseason and enjoy this unique experience for much lower prices. Contact us for early bookings at our website or social media accounts.

Consider the seasonality

Most people join Blue Cruises in the summer months. However, in spring and autumn, the sea and coves are less crowded and calmer. Exprienced blue cruisers know that chartering in September is unique.

June, August and public holidays are very busy for yacht charterers. During the high season, it is difficult to find budget friendly charter alternatives. Charter season in the South Aegean begins in April and lasts until the end of September. Chartering in September or April can be very pleasant as well.


Avoid middleman

Avoid companies that make offers through middlemen. It is very unusual for yacht charter companies to work with hundreds or thousands of yachts. Larger the fleet, more the middlemen before you receive an offer. Prices will be more affordable when you choose a company that works short but to the point. We know the yacht owners, captains and crew of all the yachts in our fleet in person.

 Specify the route and course plan clearly

Determine your route and sail plan before boarding the yacht. Additional changes during the blue cruise, may be subject to unpleasant charges. The fact that your route is clear will be useful for a budget holiday.

Also, be sure that you have enough food/beverage supplies for the whole cruise. Adding extra supply stops to your blue cruise may not cost you money but will definitely cost you time.

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