Tips For First Time Charterers


In this article, we would like to make some suggestions to those who will experience the Blue Cruise for the first time. In the recent years, Blue Cruises has become quite popular. As Buenoways, our aim is to make it easier and safer for those who want to charter a yacht.

Before you organize your Blue Cruise, first you must choose between boat types such as Gulet, Motor Yacht and Catamaran.

Bundled with many extras and having large living spaces, Gulets offer the best holiday experience of all, though it may be too large for some. Catamarans are more luxurious, comfortable and larger versions of Sailboats and as a result, they are generally pricier. Finally, Motor Yachts, being the fastest and most luxurious of all thanks to their high-powered engines and comfortable design.

Gulets and Catamarans have larger decks while motor yachts have smaller decks as a result of their speed-oriented design. If you are going on a Blue Cruise with a large group, we recommend you to pick a Gulet.

When you say Blue Cruise in Turkey, the towns of Fethiye, Göcek Marmaris and Bodrum stand out. Bodrum routes will make you dive into ancient history and friendly landscapes, while Marmaris routes will make you appreciate its dramatic landscape and tranquil turquoise waters. Meanwhile, Fethiye and Göcek are for those who want to have a quieter holiday in the blue.

You do not need to fill your bags with too many clothes on Blue Cruises because you will spend most of your time in swimwear, bikini or shorts. Large bags will occupy lots of space in the cabins and limit your movement. Do not forget to bring swimsuits, slippers, sunglasses, sunscreen, shoes, snorkeling masks, and the supplies such first-aid kit and fly repellent lotion.

On your Blue Cruise, you can anchor in beautiful coves and walk in nature. You can bring trekking shoes and suitable clothes for the cooler weather. If you want to sleep on the deck overnight along the Blue Cruise, you should bring a sleeping bag with you.

Most of the boats have board games such as Backgammon, Chess and others for you enjoy it with your group.

If you want to charter a yacht and plan a Blue Cruise this summer, you can visit our website or contact us at +90 533 402 9070.


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